Friday, May 29, 2009

Peg Myers Watch Day 9: When will Chula Vista Educators release election results?

Photo: CVE President Peg Myers

UPDATE JUNE 28, 2009: It's been five-and-a-half weeks now, and Peg Myers still has not posted the union election results on the CVE website. What exactly is the purpose of the website? Apparently the purpose is to give the impression that CVE has nothing to hide. According to Peg Myers' secretary, only board members are supposed to know the results.


Chula Vista Elementary School District teacher Kathleen Fernandez apparently created quite a stir during the election of Chula Vista Educators union officials this month. Nine days ago teachers belonging to the CTA affiliate finished voting, but the results have not been released. CVE President Peg Myers apparently thinks that some problem would ensue if the public were allowed to know who won the May 20, 2009 race.

So Peg Myers is keeping the results secret.

Furthermore, Myers refuses to say when the results will be released.

Myers seems to be bringing a little piece of Zimbabue to the folks in Chula Vista. The situation reminds me of this story:

Zimbabwe Election Results Delay Heightens Fears of Rigging
Voice of America
By Delia Robertson
01 April 2008

Independent analysts are expressing fears that the delay in announcing the result of the Zimbabwe elections is an indication that vote rigging is underway. Meanwhile, head of Zimbabwe's main opposition party Morgan Tsvangiari denies reports that his party is in talks with advisers to President Robert Mugabe about president giving up power...

The trickle of results being released by the Zimbabwe Elections Commission in Harare, nearly four days after the polls closed, is being widely condemned...

What makes the Chula Vista situation even stranger is that the candidates did not have any opposition for the offices of President, Vice-President or Secretary. All this mystery concerns only the run off race for Treasurer, in which Nancy Potts faced write-in candidate Kathleen Fernandez.

From what I remember of several years of teaching with Peg Myers at Castle Park Elementary, she wasn't one to listen to excuses for turning in homework late.]

Notes to Peg Myers:

#1: Your assignment is long past due, Ms. Myers. You should stay after school until you've got those election results posted on the CVE website.

#2: Relax and learn to love freedom of information. Quit trying so hard to silence me. Instead of trying so hard to eliminate my blog, how about you debate with me in public? If I'm truly crazy, as you like to say, then I'm sure the audience will quickly catch on. How about I present my information to the Representative Council of Chula Vista Educators? Or are you determined to perpetuate Gina Boyd/Jim Groth tactics?

[Note to readers: If you want to be the first to know when results are finally posted, check here: Chula Vista Educators website. You'll know you've got the results when you see Tim Kriss as vice-president and Kathleen Fernandez as treasurer.]

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