Thursday, March 19, 2009

An Open Letter to Google regarding complaints about this blog

Dear Googlebot:

I'm writing because you've been looking at the posts listed below, which, I imagine, means that someone complained about them. Apparently bigshots are able to contact you and get my Blogger blogs blocked. I don't know how to contact you, so I'm posting this letter here.

Even though I happen to have a lot of information about education lawyers, I'm going to pretend that I don't. I won't draw any more conclusions based on my first-hand knowledge. I'll cover events as if I were a journalist who had no personal experience of the story I'm investigating,making sure to include links to webpages that contains proof for my statements.

I hope my efforts will make you less likely to submit to the demands of people I've written about.

(1) JPAs, insurance brokers, lawyers

(2) CVESD and Chula Vista Fire Department

(3) Megan Meir bullying case and Lori Drew

(4) GUHSD attorney Dan Shinoff admits to defamation

(5) Peters v. Guajome Park Academy

(6) AIG gets $165 billion, Americans maimed in Iraq get nothing

(7) Robert Melvin Goode, Jr. arrested for child abuse

(8) SDCOE lawyers ask the court to strike Rodger Hartnett's declaration

(9)Tri-City Health Care District Hospital places CEO on administrative leave and fires school attorney Woody Merrill

(I imagine Ray Artiano and Leslie Devaney complained about this one; perhaps San Diego County Office of Education-Risk Management executive director Diane Crosier also complained. I notice that you visited this post twice! In fact, these three individuals might have complained about all or most of the preceding posts, as well--except for #7. I don't believe that they have any connection to Mr. Goode.)

(10) Miss Porter's school sued for bullying; will Daniel Shinoff and Jack Sleeth ride to the rescue?

(11) Admit it, Katherine Nakamura: SDUSD is stuffed to the gills with jelly donuts (about Mark Bresee)

(12) Jaime Mercado, board member of Sweetwater Union High School District (Bertha Lopez)

Yours truly,
Maura Larkins


Anonymous said...

Of course you just google, "contact google" and all sorts of contact information comes up.

Lets fact it, no matter how or what you write they want to shut you down.

They sure don't want anyone to connect the dots. At least not openly.

Maura Larkins said...

Dear Anonymous:

Your links are great, but that's not my problem. I'm perfectly capable of sending an email to Google. The problem is getting a response to my specific issue, or, in this case, getting my message to the person at Google who is looking at my blog. What better way would there be to communicate with that person other than through the blog they are looking at?