Thursday, September 04, 2008

SIATech test scores don't correlate with staff salaries

The salaries of SIATech Charter School staff in San Diego have skyrocketed, unlike student test scores. A reader sent me the 2006 990 IRS forms for SIATch, which lists wages. The salaries for SIATech Board of Directors and employees:

LINDA DOWSON President of the Board of Directors and Operations Manager $ 220,461.

ED BROWN Director and Operations Manager $ 124,878.

LINDA MILLER Director of Educational Services $172,860.

DAVID JENKINS Assistant Supervisor $ 169,81.

KRISTIN MALLORY Assistant Supervisor $ 168, 896.

DIANE FAIRCHILD Director of Special Education $ 161,348

MANOUCHEHR HADJIAGHAI Director of Administrative Services $ 160, 210.

SIAtech scores went down 45 points from 2007 to 2008. Of course, the children tested in one year are not the same group of children that are tested the next year. Some kids graduate, others move away and new kids take their places.

SIATech tested 135 students. SIATech is 100% funded by the United States Department of Labor (Job Corps), and is not regulated. SIAtech operates the education for about seven Job Corps in California.

SIATech student composition is: African American--15 students; Hispanic: 39 students; White--4 students; English Language Learners 3 students; socioecomomically disadvantaged--67 students; American Indian or Alaska Native--2 students; Filipino--1 student; and no students with disabilities.

Guajome Park Academy improved from 753 in 2007 to 768 in 2008. This charter school averages 21 students per classroom and the staff is highly paid.

More about North County test scores can be found at the North County Times.


Anonymous said...

According to their own website SIATech provides the educational component for students from Job Corps in California. Lets not forget SIATech also has government contracts for Job Corps as a federal contractor or subcontractor in other states like Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia and many more.

Put it this way it is easy non-regulated money, no audits, no oversight and they don’t have to comply with the California or Federal laws. Who is going to make them?

SIATech only tested 135 students and according to the Department of Labor website these are the number of students they have just in California.

San Diego 635

Treasure Island Job Corps 850

Inland Empire 310

Long Beach 300

Los Angeles 735

Sacramento 477

San Jose 440

There are two serious issues here SIAtech tested only135 students perhaps the only students doing well. Based on past state standardized test scores SIATech students tested 63% FAR BELLOW AVERAGE based on California standards. So what did SIATech do to improve their test scores? Well SIATech officials gave themselves another pay raise and weeded out the bad testers as they only tested 135 students.

Anonymous said...

KRISTIN MALLORY, DIANE FAIRCHILD, MANOUCHEHR HADJIAGHAI, STEPHEN HALFAKER, DON TILTON and just about anyone connected to this charter school was involved with Poway Unified School District before they came to Vista.

Lets add they were ALL former employees of GUAJOME PARK ACADEMY.

They also have strong connections to some university professors in San Diego. SIATech spends over $ 55,000. for lobbyist and a whole lot more in PR and phony awards.

SIATech individuals like Ed Brown were also involved in the fiasco of the website and it is recorded in the court documents in the Southern District court. These individuals used these poor Guajome Park students to go into Guajome Park website and pull up some phony grades.

When the students were caught and were sued with criminal charges the adults from SIATech bailed out and abandoned the students. Anyone who has had any contract with these SIAtech individuals will know that they are a bunch of opportunists and vipers.

Now Guajome Park Academy came after SIATech for some sort of breach of contract. Guajome wants to continue to keep part of the cut from the Job Corps sweet and easy federal money.

The attorney for Guajome Park Academy is DANIEL SHINOFF!! Why does this name sound so familiar?,1056871&_dad=portal&_schema=portal

Students and former teachers have accused SIATech of falsifying attendance records, making up names of students that don’t exist and phony grades, at their San Diego Job Corps site.

SCOTT vs HALFAKER,1056871&_dad=portal&_schema=portal

ASHLEY vs GUAJOME PARK ACADEMY INC,1056871&_dad=portal&_schema=portal

So what did the United States Department of Labor do?
They gave SIATech more money and more contracts for more scams in other states.

Isn’t this what Keenan and Associates do for Daniel Shinoff? The more billable hours he drums up, the more contracts Keenan and Associates gives to Daniel Shinoff.

Anonymous said...

Um....GPA classes in the middle school are 30-40 students, and the teacher salaries are, by charter definition, exactly the same as more, no less (though the school day is 30 minutes longer.)