Thursday, December 07, 2006

Is corruption increasing in school districts in San Diego?

The Washington Post reports that: "Congress isn't the only place where public corruption is on the rise.

"More than 1,000 federal, state and local government employees across the country have been convicted in government corruption cases over the past two years, including hundreds of crooked police officers and others who have dipped into the taxpayers' till, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III said yesterday."

It's hard to know for sure if public sector corruption is increasing, since so little attention has been paid to it in the past. Is it possible that it was always this bad? One thing is for sure: the FBI is paying more attention to public sector corruption.

I had hoped that San Diego County Office of Education's new superintendent Randall Ward would try to clean up corruption in our schools. SDCOE lawyers have been charging millions of tax dollars each year to cover-up and defend illegal actions by local school board members and administrators and teachers.


Ed Brennan said...

I agree that Randall Ward is an honest and conscientious administrator.

Ed Brennan said...

I thought Randy Ward would clean up corruption. I thought he was a strong person who believed in doing the right thing, even if was unpopular. That's how he was portrayed in the press. I'm not sure exactly what his goals are, other than the ordinary goals they all claim to have.