Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guajome Park Academy case against employee who exposed grade changes; federal trial Sept. 15, 2009

UPDATE SEPT. 11, 2009: The federal court has ordered Guajome Park Academy to prepare dismissal documents for this case, which had been scheduled for trial next Tuesday. Apparently there is a settlement in the case. Shame on GPA for abusing the justice system to cover up its own wrongdoing.

Citizen Media Law Project summary of case: Guajome Park Academy v. DuPerry

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Declaration in favor of McCulloch by Vista Unified School District board president Carol Herrera.

The court has refused to allow a defense witness to testify. Why is the court protecting the Plaintiff? The court granted an order excluding the testimony of Stephanie Persichetti at trial, although the court noted that "Defendant opposes the motion, claiming that this “entire lawsuit arises from the grade change of one student,” taught by Persichetti. Defendant states that Persichetti will provide relevant testimony regarding Plaintiff’s grade change policy and alleged violations of the policy, within the context of her experience as a teacher at the academy.".

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Anonymous said...

It’s amazing that no one is investigating this charter school why? Is it because Daniel Shinoff from the law firm of Stutz Artiano Shinoff and Holtz is their legal counsel? All of these newspaper articles about Michael Hazelton, but not a single one about Guajome Park Academy, very interesting. Is it because there is so much corruption at this charter school that reporters need waders just to go through the entire BS?
In her deposition on behalf of the student President of the Board of Vista Unified School District Carol Herrera is basically saying that Guajome Park Administration of full of liars. These liars who went after innocent kids and sued them in federal court under Racketeering Influence of Corrupt Organization Act 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968.

For what?

Because the kids exposed their grade changing and corruption at the charter school. Unfortunately the teachers who started a website critical of Guajome Park Charter School got these kids to look up the grades of the students who they knew cheated. When the students we caught they charter school sued them. The teachers on the other hand were never sued by this charter school. These teachers also turned their back on these innocent kids.

The VUSD has never investigated or turned members of Guajome Park Academy over to the authorities. To the contrary, the VUSD has aided and enabled them to continue their criminal course…..