Thursday, July 19, 2007

CTA and PERB were vexatious litigants in the Turlock case

California Teacher Association was a shamefully vexatious litigant in the Turlock case in 2003. The Court of Appeal had already ruled in San Diego that CTA buttons may not be worn by teachers during class time when CTA is fighting another union to represent teachers. But at the height of the budget crisis, when the Public Employee Relations Board was laying off at least one employee that I know of, PERB and CTA went all the way to the California Supreme Court in an effort to overturn PERB's OWN JUDGE (!) who had correctly relied on the San Diego case. CTA and its lapdog Bob Thompson, general counsel at PERB, wasted tax dollars and teacher dues in this vexatious litigation.

The vexatious lawyers in the Turlock case were: Robert Thompson, General Counsel, and Marie A. Nakamura, Legal Counsel, for PERB, and Priscilla Winslow, Beverly Tucker, Ramon Romero, Diane Ross, and Ballinger G. Kemp for CTA.

The lawyers who won were San Diego's own Currier & Hudson, Richard J. Currier, C. Anne Hudson, and Andrea Naested who represented Turlock Joint Elementary School District.

This is what the court of appeal told the vexatious Beverly Tucker:

"This is the bottom line: “The first rule of teaching should be that teachers shall teach. A classroom is not a place for proselytizing students to advance a teacher’s financial interests. Nor should a classroom be transmogrified into a teacher’s soapbox."

Beverly Tucker noted with outrage in recent pleadings that I had posted DOCUMENTS on my website. I think they were upset that I posted letters from them.

They specifically complained to the judge about this page.

Of course, Bev was even more upset that I accused her of destroying and altering documents and suborning perjury. But instead of trying to prove she is innocent (which she can not do), she is trying to stop me from filing any more lawsuits. She says I'm a vexatious litigant, failing to note in her pleading that my lawsuit against Kathleen Elton was settled in my favor for $75,000.

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