Monday, August 25, 2008

Patrick Judd finally hired (after months of looking); Lowell Billings serves board members better than he serves students

Patrick Judd and Lowell Billings: old friendships never die?



Come to The Accelerated School this Tuesday, March 24th from 4-8pm to hear the board make up excuses, Patrick Judd blame everyone else, and perhaps more lawsuits to be filed that day.


For many months school districts all over southern California have been doing Google searches for the mysteriously-retired superintendent Pat Judd of Mountain Empire School District. They all decided against him--except for a small charter school in Los Angeles.

It seems there's always a charter school with interesting board members who will give a job to a guy who has left his job under suspicious circumstances.

Judd is now a consultant at Accelerated Charter School in Los Angeles.

I looked at the school's web page and was taken aback to see that one of the trustees is none other than Lowell Billings, who is superintendent of Chula Vista Elementary School District in San Diego county, where Patrick Judd sits on the board.

What is Lowell Billings doing on the board of a charter school in Los Angeles, you may ask? It turns out that the world of education is a small one, which helps explain a lot of things, including the lack of new ideas.

I was chagrined, but not surprised, to also find that Charles Oppenheim, of the law firm Foley & Lardner, is on the board. Education attorney firms are given huge amounts of money to protect the status quo in education.

Judd is being paid as a consultant, and he's acting the only way he knows how to act: lots of hostility, little insight. Judd once memorably stated that we've known for a hundred years how to educate kids. “We have a traditional model for educating children that’s been around for 100-plus years.” (This quote appeared in the Chula Vista Star-News in 2004.) This is a man firmly planted in the early 1900's. Apparently he hasn't noticed that kids have changed.

Reports have already started coming out of Accelerated Charter School about Patrick Judd's shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I ‘m a parent of The Accelerated School and I just discovered Patrick Judd’s background and trail of destruction. We parents of The Accelerated School are extremely upset and we will not tolerate the lies. We want Patrick Judd and our elementary school Principal Sandra Phillips out. There is no room for this at our school especially when we are in program improvement year 3.

Anonymous said...

We need help to get rid of Patrick Judd from The Accelerated School!

Anonymous said...

Parents are now being threatened by current administration which includes Patrick Judd, Sandra Phillips, Sergio Sanchez and Co-founders of The Accelerated School not to say negative things about the school because we are in the process of renewing our charter. If we continue to voice our concerns we will lose our charter. What? I don't think so, they can't threaten us, they should've thought about that before they hired these incompetent nitwits. Our current K – 6 Principal Sandra Phillips doesn’t even posses a California state teaching or administrator credentials. Their response to this is “Charter schools don’t require administrators to be credentialed”. This is a JOKE! How is she supposed to provide any guidance or support to our teachers when she isn’t qualified to do so? This is why the students are failing. Parents like me didn’t know that this was the case until we began questioning and investigating her background. We parents were under the impression that Sandra Phillips was credential. As of today we discovered that one of the Co-Directors and Sandra Phillips are in a relationship? Now the plot thickens??? Then they hire Patrick Judd without informing parents of his baggage and he is suppose to be helping the school clean up their act or as I believe remove anyone who speaks out against them. This is all a big fat joke and our children and community are suffering the repercussions of their continued mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I am a concern parent at the Accelerated School. It is frightening to beleive that two guys with such a wonderful dream of creating a learning oasis have allowed for two people to destroy it. I thought that this was their "baby", "glory", etc.
By hiring Sandra Phillips and Patrick Judd they have practically said they no longer care. It is the only conlusion that I can arrive at.

Some people would say that he was not convicted of any wrong doing (Patrick Judd)but neither was OJ Simpson.

Sandra Phillips to present has not showed that she can lead our children, staff, and parents to the water. We are getting very thirsty for our school to become an as the name says, Accelerated School. We are rather accelerating into a downward spin. I fill bad because I know that my child can go anywhere i want him to but other parents aren't so lucky. Still I will put up a fight with the unlucky and hope for a better day.

Anonymous said...

Con la ayuda de mis hijos pude informarme de que se trata esta informacion. Les recomiendo que hagan lo mismo.La Sra. Phillips y el Sr. Judd tienen que salir de nuestra escuela.Ellos no estan a favor de la educacion de nuestros hijos. Me preocupa que la Sra. Phillips no tenga credenciales como administrante. Y no podemos confiar en personas como el Sr. Judd. Es tienpo que como padres pidamos la mejor educacion para nuestros hijos. Bien parados y con la frente en alto y unidos se puede lograr todo. Coramos la voz.SI SE PUEDE!

Anonymous said...

This is very sad day for the history of The Accelerated School. Our children have no future at this school. I decided to bring my child to TAS because I thought they truly valued education in South Central. I thought they hired "HIGHLY QUALIFIED" individuals. They lied and continue to lie. Our board of trustees needs to be held accountable for their lack of monitoring administrators. Our children’s lack of education rest on their shoulders. They all have failed our children and our community. We will unite and this too shall pass but not until we get a resolution. The solution to our problems is removing Patrick Judd and Sandra Phillips.

Anonymous said...


Dear Mr. Erick C. Johnson,

On Friday, February 13, 2009 our children received a Statement by TAS Board President indicating that you and The Board of Trustees had met to discuss the union petition filed by UTLA. You also stated that the Board had numerous concerns about the unionization and how it will impact our children, families, staff and teachers.

We would like you and the rest of The Board of Trustees of The Accelerated School to know that we the TAS Parent Coalition fully support our teachers in their decision to unionize. In the coming days we will be talking to other parents and informing them as to why our teachers decided to unionize and ways that we can support them in their decision.

Whatever impact comes as a result of the teachers unionization will be the sole responsibility of The Accelerated School Board of Trustees, Patrick Judd and Sandra Phillips. We, the TAS Parent Coalition offered to facilitate an open dialogue with you and some of the Board of Trustees, teachers and parents but you turned us down. The teachers came to the Board of Trustees meetings with their concerns and fears but you and the rest of the Board of Trustees turned your backs on the teachers and us parents. You and the Board of Trustees chose to believe Mr. Patrick Judd over all of us. You and the Board of Trustees believed Patrick Judd when he told you it was only a small group of teachers causing problems and complaining.

Teachers and parents worked hard to find ways of resolving the issues but no one was listening and teachers needed protection from Patrick Judd and Sandra Phillips tyrannical ways. In all of The Accelerated School’s existence the need for teacher unionize has never taken place until now and it’s all due to Mr. Patrick Judd and Sandra Phillips poor leadership skills. The teachers’ decision to unionization speaks volumes to the poor leadership of Patrick Judd and Sandra Phillips. If The Accelerated School Board of Trustees continues to trust and allow Mr. Patrick Judd an individual who is consumed in litigation and questionable practices to continue to directly oversee the operations of all its schools; we are all in serious trouble. Mr. Patrick Judd has a proven record of wasting taxpayer and school monies to hire lawyers for litigation that could’ve been prevented. We, the TAS Parent Coalition ask that The Board of Trustees terminate Mr. Patrick Judd’s contract as soon as possible due to the fact that his hiring has been detrimental to the students, families, staff and teachers of The Accelerated School, Accelerated Charter Elementary School, and Wallis Annenberg High School. We, the TAS Parent Coalition strongly believe that we can’t move forward with an Individual like Mr. Patrick Judd. He can’t relate to our teachers, our families and most of all our children.

There is no need to reply to our email we only ask that you and the rest of The Board of Trustees listen carefully to the pleas of the parents, students, staff, and teachers do not continue to ignore us all.

Robert SaldaƱa and TAS Parent Coalition

CC:Dori E. Miles, UTLA Area Representative
Howard Blume, LA Times Writer
LAUSD Charter Schools Division
Monica Garcia, LAUSD Board President
Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles
The Accelerated School, Wallis Annenberg, and Accelerated Charter Elementary School Parents

Check out the following link:,0,4416099.story

Anonymous said...

Come to The Accelerated School this Tuesday, March 24th from 4-8pm to hear the board make up excuses, Patrick Judd blame everyone else, and perhaps more lawsuits to be filed that day>

Anonymous said...

I did a google search and came across this article. After reading it, IF you're still wondering about the mystery of Patrick Judd, go to Channel 10 news San Diego and search Judd/Young!! It's a must see!