Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bonnie Dumanis delivers big shock to MiraCosta College--no big fish caught in the nets of her "criminal investigation"

Photo: San Diego D.A. Bonnie Dumanis

It's good I was sitting down when I heard this news. Who would have expected that Bonnie Dumanis would protect Stutz law firm? Okay, okay. You can put your hands down now.

I think I heard a gleeful giggle coming from the back rooms at Stutz Artiano Shinoff & Holtz today when I visited with my process server. We were delivering my Motion to Compel the Deposition of Daniel Shinoff.

The cause for joy at Stutz? Bonnie Dumanis, who got a felony conviction for $305 in stolen palm trees at the school, has decided that the actions of MiraCosta bigshots (including president Victoria Richart and Stutz lawyers Daniel Shinoff and Jack Sleeth), who passed around $3 million in tax dollars among themselves, "did not rise to level of criminality."

Stutz lawyers were apparently in such a happy mood that the normally stiff and stressed Ray Artiano actually said, "Nice to see you!" as I passed him on the way out. I am advised that he most likely didn't recognize me, and that his fury regarding my website remains unabated. Ray and his partners are suing me for defamation.

I'd like to say thanks to whoever it was who wrote the addresses in black marker on the mailboxes at Liberty Station. The place strives to be impressive, with doors two or three stories high, but the addresses are far from the actual entrances--about two blocks away.

DA drops MiraCosta settlement probe
Says board's conduct did not rise to level of criminality
December 8, 2008

"It must be a very fine line between what is criminal and what is, in my mind, very inappropriate and unprofessional," Strattan said.

...Deputy district attorney Mike Still said Monday that he has closed a 16-month probe into the community college's settlement with former president and superintendent Victoria Munoz Richart.

The settlement, announced June 20, 2007, came after a marathon overnight negotiation session between MiraCosta's seven-member board of trustees and Richart's attorney.

Three board members later told the public in a new conference that they felt hijacked into voting for the settlement and implied they had not been given all the facts...

Still said his probe into the settlement began after "numerous people" contacted him, asking his office to investigate possible wrongdoing...

He would not say whether the matter was brought before a grand jury.

[Hmmmm. Let's take a guess.]

Trustee Judy Strattan was one of the three "minority" board members who spoke out against the settlement after initially voting for it.

She said Monday that she still believes that the board "didn't get all of the information" before voting.

She said the district attorney's decision to forgo criminal charges does not necessarily mean the closed-session settlement meeting was handled properly.

"It must be a very fine line between what is criminal and what is, in my mind, very inappropriate and unprofessional," Strattan said.

[Note to Judy: Well said, Judy. But don't just blame Dan Shinoff, Jack Sleeth, Judge Moon and Bob Ottilie. They're the small fry. Look at who is behind these shakedowns of the taxpayers: San Diego County Office of Education--Joint Powers Authority. MiraCosta College needs a new insurance company, Judy. You shouldn't keep funding the corruption. If you simply ask SDCOE-JPA for new lawyers, you will still be supporting the system that soaked the taxpayers so severely and caused damage to lives at MiraCosta.]

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